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This 1968-69 Rawlings Professional Model XFG 1 fielding glove is one of the rarest to ever become available. This beautiful tan (honey toned) glove constructed from Rawlings Horween leather is the finest example there is. The "Deep Well" pocket and "Basket Web" are well used on this "Heart of the Hide" gem. The lining has exceptional wear from the hand of "The Great One". This first generation XFG 1 "Fast Back" model has the rarely seen horizontal finger "Holster" slot. This feature alone along with the "Basket Web" set this glove apart in rarity in comparison to the other models he used.This twelve time Gold Glove winner patroled right field at Forbes Field with his uncontested rifle arm and this extension on his hand. This exceptionally clean glove, has been unmolested with any other signatures or ink markings and remains in the exact same condition as when Roberto used it. It has been markered in vintage green with Clemente's famous "21" consistent with other Pirate's examples of game-used equipment from that era.The Roberto Clemente award will be presented at the 2010 World Series October 27-28th, in recognition of this great humanitarian. Roberto was very generous and gave a few of these gloves away. None was as nice as the famed Rawlings glove that is being offered. This glove is for professional use and has been consigned from the personal collection of Pittsburgh glove expert, Dennis Esken. Along with this glove will be a Rawlings gold glove stand, Rawlings bag for transportation and protection purposes and Forever Collectibles bobble head holding his prestigious Gold Glove Award. Includes photo album, and LOA from Dennis Esken, "The Ball Stops Here".NOTE: October 13, 2010. Today was the 50th anniversary of Mazerowski's famous walk off home run in the 7th game to take the series from the high powered NY Yankees. Denny Esken residing in Pittsburgh and took Clemente's glove down to the wall of Forbes field. He showed the glove to several fans and the emotional ties to this team and this man are as great today as ever. "It was taking men back to their childhood when times were great!"

This is a 1969 picture of Roberto Clemente holding this glove with the horizontal finger "Holster" slot.

Certificate No: 59140    Issued: Aug 16, 2010     Est. Value: $67,280

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