1966 Miami Dolphins First-Ever Victory Game-Used Official AFL Football (Al Davis) - 100% Authentic Authentcation Services

AMI is proud to offer this scarcely seen AFL football from the collection of George Wilson Jr., the former AFL quarterback. The Spalding gem was used in the first victory in Miami Dolphins history, a 24-7 rout of the Denver Broncos on Oct. 16, 1966. The son of then Dolphins head coach George Wilson, the Dolphins' QB threw a 67-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter to set the tone. The game's pertinents are painted in consistent burnt orange and off white below the the manufacturer panel. The ball is also very meaningful by virtue of the stamped simulated signature of Commissioner Al Davis (who actually had been replaced in that capacity by Milt Woodard three months earlier). Davis was named commish in April, but after the AFL-NFL merger a short time later, he returned to his Oakland Raiders duties on a full-time basis after only four months in office. Because the Davis ball had already been manufactured in sufficient numbers, the league naturally chose not to replace it immediately. With the distinctive AFL logo front and center, the ball has aged gracefully over the years and exhibits light-to-moderate wear with no noticeable defects. The ball was on display for at least one season at the Dolphins Hall of Fame. A letter, on Dolphins stationery, will be included which thanks for the contribution to the Dolphins. Possibly the most cherished Dolphins memento ever offered.

Certificate No: 34591    Issued: Jan 5, 2007     Est. Value: $38,354

Authentition: 100% Authentic Team

People: Al Davis, George Wilson

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