1963 Jay Hankins Game-Worn KC A's Jersey - 100% Authentic Authentcation Services

This size "40" jersey saw some use during the 1963 season for the Kansas City A's. Because it has No. 9 expressed on the back and "JAY" (restored), we assume Jay Hankins donned the jersey for the majority of the season. There were two other players who wore #9 that season as well: Tommie Reynolds and Hector Martinez. There is a strip tag in the tail which reads "Set 1-63 No 21" as well as a Wilson size label. Given this tag it may be assumed that Ed Rakow wore the jersey as well. Rakow wore 21 in '63 for the A's. There are a few repairs on the button-up vest. Decent use is shown on the jersey, including a couple of repairs. These were most likely from taking the name on back off.  

Certificate No: 51094    Issued: Aug 11, 2009     Est. Value: $302

Authentition: 100% Authentic Team

People: Ed Rakow, Tommie Reynolds

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