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1923 George "Babe" Ruth Game-Used Bat (PSA GU-8) In assessing the number of prestigious relics that can now be referred as sports memorabilia, none may be held in higher esteem than a bat once used by the powerful George Herman Ruth. This lumber, once gripped by the hands of the Sultan, can be compared to a scepter of celestial standing, for which none exceeds. It was with a mighty staff that Babe Ruth led baseball from its darkest days. Babe Ruth brought to the game a resurgence of pride that had been rocked by the infamous World Series of 1919. The legacy of baseball’s “Sultan of Swat” still thrives with a vitality that has endured nearly 70 years after his departure from the game.trong>Bat Specifications: An inspection of the offered Babe Ruth bat was conducted by John Taube of PSA/DNA on February 20, 2007. Mr. Taube’s studied review revealed specific evidence regarding the use of this bat by Babe Ruth that dismisses any uncertainty regarding its validity. The Hillerich and Bradsby labeling dates to the period 1923-1925. Specifically, it conforms perfectly to H&B's records as having been ordered by Babe Ruth on August 29, 1923, or September 1, 1923. This one is modeled after his classic R2 which was his first model bat with H&B. Uncracked, this behemoth measures 36 inches and it weighs 40 ounces. The bat has evidence of grain swelling on the left barrel which has since been professionally reconditioned. (This particular swelling was caused by contact with a baseball.) The contact area on the left barrel is consistent for the "label-down" grip which was his standard practice, and which is consistently illustrated in period photos of his approach to the plate. The offered bat is a beautiful example from the rise of Ruth’s amazing career. This bat has been authenticated and graded trong>GU-8 by PSA/DNA. Provenance: The bat comes from the estate of former American League Umpire (1946-1965), Joe Paparella.

Certificate No: 35143    Issued: Feb 13, 2007     Est. Value: $40,263

Authentition: 100% Authentic Team, Psa Bats/John Taube

People: Babe Ruth, George Herman, Herman Ruth, Joe Paparella, John Taube

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